Free National Training

FREE National Mold Assessor & Mold Remediator Training

Optional Certification $250, requires online exam

This FREE training is the same training that has been approved by the State of Florida for the Florida Mold Licensing Program, but with some additional changes based on geographical issues. Not valid in Texas, New York, and States with their own Licensing Programs.

There is one set of training material for both Assessor and Remediator.

Assessors need to know remediation in order to write protocols. Remediators need to understand how to assess, as 3rd party assessments are often not provided and sometimes not adequate.

 Our program has the following features and benefits:

  • Optional Certificate of Training, $250. One time cost. Certifications does not expire.
  • Requires online exam. Email Linda to schedule an online exam.
  • We offer entirely free online anytime training. There are no classroom courses to attend or to pay for. No books to buy.
  • Try before you buy. Or never buy. Just enjoy the free training.
  • Online certification exam is 100 question & “open book,” meaning you can reference the training materials and your notes. Passing score is 70%. (Not applicable in states that require their own state licensing. Check with your state before purchasing.)
  • Coursework is tailored to working nationwide and covers:
      • Mold Toxins and Mold Health
      • Green Chemical-free Remediation Procedures
      • Testing/Inspecting
      • Standards of Practice: EPA/IICRC
      • Report Writing & Protocol Development
      • Moisture Intrusion
      • Why Mold After Dry-out?
      • Focus is on the practical aspects of mold assessment and remediation
      • Top training course in the nation

FREE Mold Assessor & Remediator Training.

For questions contact Linda at 954-614-6860 or (She’s licensed as Assessor and Remediator.)